Shades State Park

May 8, 2017


I am doing well! (and hopefully minding my manners) 😉
I did get the easter package from Grandma Gloria 🙂 It was Bomb. Never had Chocolate covered blueberries before so that was awesome! 🙂 And I am taking my Beta Glucans 🙂 I actually have a bottle left because I slacked taking them for a while, but I’m  taking them daily again 🙂
Dad said he wouldn’t  be able to be on for the Skype call on Mother’s Day.  😦 I will definitly give him a call though 🙂  And I’m  still trying to figure out where we’ll skype from, but I’ll figure it out 🙂
I am 90%, so way better than before, but Elder Hansen has started getting sick 😛 Oh well! Oh! And I’m staying another transfer in Crawfordsville!  🙂
Wow that recent rainstorm sounds awesome! Enough rain to flood Mason and Roscoe huh? So 0.000001 inches? lol  But Apple Valley got a tornado?! That’s cool!
I’m  glad to hear that Guardians vol. 2 was good! Was it as good as the first one?
We had a brodcast this last Sunday for the Northeastern States and provinces of the US and Canada. It was really good! 🙂  Glad to hear that David and Avery gave good talks at Stake Conference! I really like Avery and I’m  glad that he had a good mission!  I’ve heard from lots of people that European Missions are hard!
Answers !
1. Thats the Walberts that have a pug! And the swings was a zone P-day thing 2 weeks ago! We were at the Shades State Park for 5 hours hiking around, and there were 5 ladders that we had to go up and a few to go down as well 🙂 I think there were a few more in the park, but some of the trails were closed due to flooding.
2. It was really great to see all the beautiful stuff in the Shades state park! I was grateful to hear President say we were staying in C-ville, And I’m  glad to feel so loved by the people we teach and the members in the Ward!
3. Someone that las made a difference in my life is definitely  Elder Hansen! He’s always trying his hardest and is willing to do all he can to 1 – help me and 2 – help our investigators. It’s great having such a good companion!
4. Hahahah yesterday we were showing the Walberts how awkward some peoples reactions are to finding missionaries on their door step! XD It was hilarious! They loved it too loll
5. Goals! We plan on having 10 people at church (out of the 40 we invite week to week) But today we are gonna go up to Laffayette to say bye to those getting transfered 🙂
I love you and hope you have a great week! Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂
Elder Kyle Norris
Give Lander a pat!

One thought on “Shades State Park

  1. Stake Conference was great! The RM’s (return Missionaries) and CM’s (called Missionaries) did great! You and Jacob can expect to speak if you are around for Stake Conference when you return!


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