We have had LOTS of service to do!


I am doing really well But this last week was nuts! The city is STILL cleaning up trees and debris from the last huge storm that hit. It was nuts! We have had LOTS of service to do, clearing trees! We are all safe and as far as I know, no one was hurt.

Hahaha I’m  glad you like the updates dad reads in church! I’ll make sure to keep sending some good stuff 🙂 Also glad to hear your work week went well too!

We have to cut Emailing short today because of the Holiday. BUT, I will say what I can 🙂

Sounds like you had a nice meal on Sunday 🙂 And I will definitely  be on the look out for a letter from Grandma and Grandpa 🙂 Send my love back to them 🙂

I got the Amazon Box! It was Awesome!!!! And we do have syrup already, so the pancakes have been great! 🙂

Being a DL is going well 🙂 It’s a lot of fun 🙂

Pancakes and bacon cake was really good 🙂 Big hit for sure 🙂

And yes the boxer story is from our family history 🙂 It might take me a minute to track down what side it’s  from, but I want to say it’s on one of Grandma’s lines.

1 What did I do this past week that was outside my comfort zone? We are ALWAYS outside of our comfort zone, so that was a trick question I’m  sure 😉

2 Something that helps me show gratitude for the sacrifices made for this nation is to reflect on what has happened in order for me to have the freedoms I enjoy and the experience of missionary work 🙂

3. Our last victory was that JARED CAME TO CHURCH AGAIN 🙂 So we had a bbq to celebrate 😉

4. Favorite memory with water would have to be Carpinteria, as a whole. The ocean counts right? 😉

I love you and hope you have a good week! I love you! Give Lander a pat!

Elder Kyle Norris


Everyone loves Peter Pan Peanut Butter!

May 22, 2017

Gooooooooooooood Morning!

I am doing great 🙂 I know Elder Litchfield, And he said he found some of his stuff after the fire, but did lose 3 of his journals, I think 😛 But that’s awesome that they recovered some of their stuff 🙂  Thats pretty miraculous! (An apartment complex in Greenwood, IN caught fire, and the missionaries living there lost everything EXCEPT fire cleanup crews were able to recover most of their journals, and their scriptures, so therein lies the miracle. Everything else was fire/smoke/water damaged, including all their clothing)
The only reason anything causes offense is if someone steps on your pride. Not to BE prideful, but serving a mission has gotten rid of (most of) mine 😉 So far so good.
SWEEEEEEET I love Amazon Prime boxes! I knew there was a reason that we decided to shop after emailing today 🙂 And I’ll keep an eye out for some more packages 🙂
The first week as DL was good! Nothing really too stressful happened 🙂 I got a letter from the Mission President, Elder Carlson, too 🙂 And I love Elder Hansen as a comp! He’s the best one I’ve had in a while 🙂  And we get along really, well so that’s always good 🙂  And the Samuelsons are AWESOME! They definitly take care of us very well 🙂 And little Tucker is awesome too. He’s so funny! XD
It sounds like David has a pretty epic trip ahead of him! I’m glad I got to drive to the MTC and just had a hop and a skip, and I was in Indiana! But I think it’ll be a really good way for him to start off 🙂 That’s a great idea about the blessings for his family, and I am grateful to have been able to do so for you and dad.  🙂 I love you all at home and pray for you daily, and being able to excersize the priesthood is one of the best ways to show respect and love for the blessings God has given us 🙂
The next week will be interesting for you indeed! How is it holding down the inflatable hover fort by yourself? lol. And I’m sure it will be nice to have some time with dad 🙂 And bowling is always a blast 😉
 So you got the starter plants for the garden instead of seeds, huh? I bet theyll grow good then! 😉  We’ve helped a bunch of people plant gardens in the last few months 🙂 And I loved talking to dad on Mother’s day as well! It was such a good thing for me. He said a lot of stuff i really needed to hear 🙂
And Yupp! Tucker’s family moved up to Tacoma 😦  They said we were welcome to visit whenever we want and that they were proud of what Jacob, Spencer, and I are doing 🙂
1. Well there were a few birthdays in the zone this week, so I made the Pancakes and Bacon cake this morning, so they don’t think everyone forgot their birthday – like what happened on my birthday! :/ And I got some Blackberries and cherries for the people who don’t eat cake or are vegan. 🙂 I like making people feel cared about 🙂
2. One habit that I’m thankful for is always trying to make people  happy 🙂
3.WE met a lady named Mary! She was a cool old lady who we gave a card to like, 2 months ago in the street. We were knocking doors the other day, and we saw a Jesus card taped to a dash board and were like huh cool, and we knocked on the door and the person who answered was the lady from forever ago! It was AWESOME!
4. Well, I have WAY Too many favorite family stories, but heres one I found doing some Family History of a missionary ancestor 🙂  Elizabeth and Edward had been married sixteen years when they joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Edward was so filled with love for this new religion that he often preached on the street corners, and being quick tempered and a boxer, he sometimes had street fights, and since Edward enjoyed boxing, the fights made preaching very exciting for Edward.  I Think I sent that to you before, but its a fun one 🙂 As far as family stories go, I love the time we went and did a bunch of the National parks and had a ton of fun everywhere we went 🙂 It was pretty sweet 🙂
I love you and hope you have a good week! I hope those pictures hold you over for the time being 🙂 Give Lander a pat!
Elder Kyle Norris​

Shades State Park

May 8, 2017


I am doing well! (and hopefully minding my manners) 😉
I did get the easter package from Grandma Gloria 🙂 It was Bomb. Never had Chocolate covered blueberries before so that was awesome! 🙂 And I am taking my Beta Glucans 🙂 I actually have a bottle left because I slacked taking them for a while, but I’m  taking them daily again 🙂
Dad said he wouldn’t  be able to be on for the Skype call on Mother’s Day.  😦 I will definitly give him a call though 🙂  And I’m  still trying to figure out where we’ll skype from, but I’ll figure it out 🙂
I am 90%, so way better than before, but Elder Hansen has started getting sick 😛 Oh well! Oh! And I’m staying another transfer in Crawfordsville!  🙂
Wow that recent rainstorm sounds awesome! Enough rain to flood Mason and Roscoe huh? So 0.000001 inches? lol  But Apple Valley got a tornado?! That’s cool!
I’m  glad to hear that Guardians vol. 2 was good! Was it as good as the first one?
We had a brodcast this last Sunday for the Northeastern States and provinces of the US and Canada. It was really good! 🙂  Glad to hear that David and Avery gave good talks at Stake Conference! I really like Avery and I’m  glad that he had a good mission!  I’ve heard from lots of people that European Missions are hard!
Answers !
1. Thats the Walberts that have a pug! And the swings was a zone P-day thing 2 weeks ago! We were at the Shades State Park for 5 hours hiking around, and there were 5 ladders that we had to go up and a few to go down as well 🙂 I think there were a few more in the park, but some of the trails were closed due to flooding.
2. It was really great to see all the beautiful stuff in the Shades state park! I was grateful to hear President say we were staying in C-ville, And I’m  glad to feel so loved by the people we teach and the members in the Ward!
3. Someone that las made a difference in my life is definitely  Elder Hansen! He’s always trying his hardest and is willing to do all he can to 1 – help me and 2 – help our investigators. It’s great having such a good companion!
4. Hahahah yesterday we were showing the Walberts how awkward some peoples reactions are to finding missionaries on their door step! XD It was hilarious! They loved it too loll
5. Goals! We plan on having 10 people at church (out of the 40 we invite week to week) But today we are gonna go up to Laffayette to say bye to those getting transfered 🙂
I love you and hope you have a great week! Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂
Elder Kyle Norris
Give Lander a pat!

One super power I wish I had is super speed! Like the flash!

May 1, 2017

Good Morning!

Hahaha Happy Batman Day to you!  I appreciate the choice between DC and Marvel! But Batman is pretty cool. That’s  pretty indisputable  😉

I am WAY better than I was last week while I was still sick 🙂 So that is ALWAYS a good thing 😉

So on Mother’s day, 4:30 will work great for us 🙂 We have the Family history center so that’ll work fine! 🙂

I usually do get the news letter , and I do really like getting it 🙂 That was really nice of the Larsens to offer their assistance to you in getting it printed!  🙂

Julie did say that she was pretty worried about whether or not she would be able to keep her job when the new buyer came in. I’ve had her in my prayers for a long time.

Thats good that Lono doesnt have to give up troop 535! I would be really sad if they were to break it up. The “super troop” sounds like it could prove to be pretty helpful for some of the scouts.  In all the years I’ve known Lono, I have never once questioned whether or not he cared about me. He cares about us, and he wants to help everyone that he can get the skills and talents that prepare them for life! 🙂 And that goes for everyone who worked with him in the scouting and young mens programs too.

I bet David is going to be a really good missionary! He has the right heart for it. He’s always been a really nice guy. And I bet he had to get a ton of shots for Africa!  I guess taking daily pills is better than diphtheria or malaria or any other kind of “ria”  XD

Thats awesome that Guardians Vol 2 Is comming out! You’ll have to let me know how it is 😉

I did get my easter stuff ! It was AWESOME 🙂 Thanks for reminding me!  Make sure to thank everyone for me. I love getting letters and cards from everyone! 🙂

1. I hope to be able to teach more people 😉

2 One super power I wish I had is super speed! Like the flash!

3 One thing I did exceptionally well was I tried to be really charitable, and I think I did a pretty good job. 🙂

4 NOPE No tour of our apartment yet. 😦

5 We get transfer calls this Saturday and if we move it happens next Tuesday  🙂

I love you and hope you have a great week! Love you !

Elder Kyle Norris 🙂

Give Lander a pat for me!


Honestly … tracting helps a lot!

April 24, 2017

Good Morning!

Glad to hear your week was pretty cool! Sounds like you had some pretty fun stuff going on! 🙂 That handbell concert sounds pretty cool 🙂 And I heard that La La Land was great ! Glad you and Julie were able to enjoy it 🙂

I bet your lesson will go great! Those are some great talks and I think it’ll give you some good ideas. Judging and judgement are some pretty hot topics for a lot of people. It’s also something that I’ve  had to talk to a lot of people about out here. Lots of ill feeling in the world.

Things are going great here! Aside from me being sick all week. 😦  The universe is somewhat in balance, but yeah things are going 🙂 Training are going great too! And transfers are a couple weeks away. It’s May 9th I think.

I think that that I have everything I need right now. But those cinnamon hearts were awesome! They were super tasty! I think the only thing I’ll be needing is some more melatonin. but I think I might just go to the store and get some.

I havent heard much from Jacob since probably Christmas, so you might have better luck setting it up than me. But I can probably do 2 o clock our time. that should be fine 🙂


Totally forgot the photo tour (sorry) will try to do it this week 🙂

2. Things that keep me inspired huh? Well the scripture, my family and my calling are all things that keep me inspired 🙂

3. I relieve stress by just going and doing SOMETHING. when I have nothing going on, it makes me tense. Honestly tracting helps a lot.

4. The thing that applies to both thos questions, favorite sights and smells,  is the weather! It has been so nice here the past week! It’s great to get to be outside so much! 🙂

I love you and hope you have a great week! Glad to hear things at home are going well too! 😀

Elder Kyle Norris

A GREAT day for my belly!

April 17, 2017


Good Morning!

Easter was great! We had a LOT to eat that day, and it was good! At the Samuelsens we had some pork, Mashed potatoes, fruit salad, rolls, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, and 3 different desserts! (though I was already rather full by that point.)  We also had lunch at the Walberts and had Ham, mac n cheese (the good stuff, not kraft), deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole and peach cobbler. It was a GREAT day for my belly 😉 And no the PT cruiser is Andrew Samuelsen’s. We were on splits.

Glad to hear this week has been pretty good for all of you 🙂 And its nice  you and dad got some time to relax a bit And not gonna lie, I am really excited that I get home before the next Star Wars movie comes out lol

Church was really good on Easter 🙂 I did sing in the Choir! and the talks about the Savior were EXCELLENT!  Bro. Thompson gave a talk about Christ visiting the Americas and Cited a thesis from Stanford. It was pretty cool though. We share special messages everyday, so nothing too unique.  But Easter is always a very special time of reflection for me so that was cool 🙂

The teaching pool is going good, but everyone seems to have stopped progressing all at the same time. We are baffled. But I’m sure it is just the planets aligning wrong or something lol. The work is still going good though 🙂


A positive word I use to describe myself is persistent.  I don’t give up very easily 😉

My favorite personality trait is that I tend to be happy.

I see good in others when I help them and try to do good.

I am grateful when  People are  respectful. Even if its not directly to me, but to someone else. theres too much hate in the world to add more to it.

I love you and hope you have a great week !

I love you!

Elder Kyle Norris


Easter is hope.

April 10, 2017

Hey Mom!

We are at the library emailing today since the carpets at the church are getting shampooed, so we only have about an hour on the computers 😦  But I’ll send a quick shout out to my awesome siblings in a second 🙂

This week went by super quickly here as well! And fortunately its been warming up, unlike it has been for you 😉 We finally have had some clear (albeit windy) weather! Cool and clear weather is my favorite too 🙂

It’s awesome to hear that Sister Pascale was so nice to bring you flowers! 🙂 And I really like her son. I didn’t know him too closely, but he’s always been really nice and just a good guy, as far as i remember 🙂 Good to hear he’s coming home soon 🙂 And Avery is awesome! We hung out a good amount and he is a very nice guy. Real sincere.

Happy Birthday to Uncle Doug! Meatloaf and Cowboy Cake sounds like the perfect birthday meal to me! Glad everything turned out yummy!  And I’m glad he liked the presents he got 🙂

We have Easter dinner at the Samuelsens’, and we will also be going over to the W. Family at some point that day 🙂

The B. Family are doing pretty good. And the W. family are doing great! Still working on Jared, but we have a plan involving a lot of the members to help his progression. We had a super sweet lesson on repentance this last week and he said he had some sort of epiphany, so fingers crossed! The rest of the family is doing well too, we just need them to read the Book of Mormon 🙂

Interviews are on Wednesday, but we had zone conference a few weeks ago. We weren’t in the picture because Elder Hansen couldn’t hold it for 2 minutes LOL 😛 But its ok 🙂

It’s too bad to hear that dad has to work Easter, but it’s awesome that he is getting more comfortable. Thats a huge relief to me ! 🙂

I’ve been in touch with Julie a little but its hard to catch her awake or not at work 😛


1. Everywhere we go, the focus of the things we teach people is the Savior, Jesus Christ.  My favorite scriptures about the Atonement are in Alma 7 and 2 Nephi 9.  They are simple and pure explanations of the Saviors mission and purpose 🙂

2. I am really grateful for The United States. More specifically the freedoms that being here entails. Without those freedoms, there would be no reason to have any kind of joy in the beauties of this nation, because we would be in captivity, and bondage under the Adversary of righteousness.

3. Easter is hope. Christ lived, died, and lived again. We too will live again. We have the HOPE of a life after this and FAITH in the person who promised it.  God’s plan is perfect, and although i don’t understand many of his teachings or doings, I know God has a masterful design to enable us to grow and become like Him It is a great blessing 🙂

4. Journals are records of our experiences and can help people after us to learn and grow from our experiences, just as it is with the scriptures 🙂

I love you and hope you have a great week!


Elder Kyle Norris 🙂
P.S. Give Lander a long awaited pat for me 😉